phase 1: done

completed first draft of novel

Yesterday was a good day. In the morning, I wrote a couple thousand words, and then in the afternoon, I went snowshoeing in some of the most beautiful landscapes out there: the Sierra Nevadas, dusted with at least a foot of fresh dry powder snow.

Today, I finished the first draft of my novel manuscript. It is the weirdest, yet most satisfying feeling, ever. Bizarre in that I can’t believe I’m done with the draft after four years of stop and start and stop (and stroke) and stop (and recovery) and in 2009, start and finish for good. And for dramatic measure, today is the third anniversary of my stroke, one that left me with a damaged short term memory and thus unable to write fiction for a year. When I fully recovered in late 2008, I vowed I would finish this novel, and…I did.

I’m telling you–this is a surreal feeling, I just can’t believe I’m done with the draft. I had to tear myself away from the computer when I realized, “Uh, um. I think I’m done. If I keep writing, uh, I think I’d technically be revising.”

Also, in the span of time it took me to start and finish this draft, so many things have happened in the world–we’re talking wars begun (but not ended), our first African American president elected, the biggest economic recession/depression of our lifetime, etc.) Some of my friends have given birth twice in that time span, gotten married, bought houses.

But phase 1 (complete first rough draft of the novel): done.

Now, a week off from writing the novel. And then: revisions. Yes, plural.


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12 responses to “phase 1: done

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  2. wmc

    Done, my friend—a beautiful word, isn’t it? Looking forward to all your other phases of “done”!

  3. Well done!
    Against huge odds, you finished.
    And reading your post on slow writing, no writing is slow when it goes forward all the time. Five hundred words a day is going to get you a novel written in a fair bit less than a year. A thousand words a day, every day, a mere hundred days. As for the Famous Writer, a good way to say shut up is ex-lax in the coffee….

    • thank you wmc–and many thanks to you for all your support and fairy godmother-ishness!

      viv66: thank you so much. you are wise in pointing out that slow still means moving forward. (and haha on the ex-lax). 🙂

      • Roman poet Virgil aimed to write one perfect LINE every day…and he managed poems that are still being read 2,000 years later.
        To put it into context, quality and not quantity is the goal. What’s the point of writing 3,000 words of rubbish prose you need to rewrite and rewrite, when you might write 500 that are about perfect?
        Goals and discipline are all very well until they become shackles to tie us down and force us to be creative at gunpoint….Doesn’t work for me, I know that!

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  6. VERY AWESOME! Congrats!

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  9. Hey Christine,

    You and I know each other through a common friend.

    I’ve been reading through your old blog posts and writings. I absolutely LOVED your post about your parents visiting New York City, and I admire and respect the time and investment that you put into your fiction writing. You’ve definitely got a way with words, and I’m looking forward to reading (hopefully, if I can find it!) your fiction.

    Anyway, I decided to check out your blog from the beginning, and I just saw that you have a completed novel. Congratulations! I haven’t had time to read through your entire blog, but is your novel coming out soon? I’d definitely love to check it out if it is. And if there are links to your other work, I’d love to check those out too.


    • @B/WoWo: thank you for stopping by! I’ve listed a few of my published pieces in my “about” section–and thank you for rooting for me! My novel is not finished, but don’t worry, you’ll hear about it when I feel like it is finished. 😉

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