the packaging

where i keep my novel manuscript

I have, like many other writers, a fear of losing my edited, original manuscript, whether by being stolen (I know, who would want to read this thing right now? But *I* love it, so maybe someone else might?), or taking off in the wind, ala the scenes in the movie versions of “Wonderboys” or “The World According to Garp”–or wait, I just thought of another movie scene with pages flying off in the wind: “Love Actually.” See? I’m not the only person who has this fear.

But my fear is mitigated, because of the above mylar, bubblewrap, velcro-closure envelope above. That’s where I keep my novel manuscript. It’s water resistant, keeps my manuscript safe from bruising, and it’s wind resistant.

I have no idea where to buy such a thing, because I didn’t buy the above envelope. Marketing materials were sent to us inside the envelope. We threw away the contents, and kept the envelope. I’ve been googling to find where I can buy another envelope–does anyone know where to find/buy one?

Update: Thank you thank you! They are called “bubblopes” (I love the name), and I have done enough googling tonight to unearth several e-commerce sites that sell them (below in the comments). The envelopes, sized 13.5″ x 10″, are priced anywhere from $2.99/each to about $3.50/each, and come in varying colors. I’m eyeing the green or blue mylar for subsequent drafts…


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7 responses to “the packaging

  1. Violeta

    I have no idea where to get one of these, but it’s a brilliant place to keep your novel draft! And as I was reading your first lines re: movies with novel draft disasters, I was talking to the screen “but WAIT, you’re forgetting the scene in Love, Actually!!!” Only then, you didn’t. 🙂

  2. I don’t even have a printed copy of mine. It’s all on my computer and backed up online. It never occurred to me to save a hard copy of it!

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