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  1. e6n1

    I agree with the first point- sometimes when I’m out of ideas, I consult what I did doing writing workshops. It’s like panning for gold in a muddy riverbed heheh

  2. Heather

    HA! My mother-in-law sent me the Guardian UK link; I started reading and had to stop. I enjoy reading this kind of thing when I’m not actively writing; when I am writing, it shuts me down. Absolutes do not agree with me. 🙂

  3. Nate

    I love that Shteyngart pokes at the insane achievement culture over there. One of my former students (a young woman from Seoul) would regale me for hours with tales of her 16 hour school day and the “Snow Goose” fathers that drop their 5 year old and spouse in NZ for ten years, so the kid can pick up English (“Don’t worry sporto, daddy will visit you guys again next year.”) There is even an entire industry of hack ESL schools in Anglophone countries that make fortunes off of Koreans breaking themselves to get into the right (i.e. Ivy pref, but might “slum it” at Stanford or U of Chicago) bus./med school. It’s an academic status grab gone parabolic. There’s gonna be some nasty implications down the road culture-wise.

    At least there’s good food and drink to be found, somebody still has their priorities straight over there!

    • e6n1: panning for inspiration is a picture that makes me smile.

      Heather: does this mean…you’re actively writing?! 🙂 🙂

      Nate: You have the description of the competitive, product (and not process) oriented atmosphere down pat. One of my professors when I was studying abroad at Koryo talked about how technology/industry were growing at an exponential rate while culture was growing arithmetically–the balance, he said, was the crucial question; the tone of his voice clearly stated his grief/anxiety over the growing divide. But yes–ddukbokgi on the side of the road, and good eats everywhere! (but not for women, who with the same drive for academic ambition, also restrict their eating in pursuit of rail thin bodies).

      • Nate

        At least he said the culture was growing –an optimist IMHO!

        We seem to want to know how to do everything, but have no time to consider why. Must be a side effect of that “flat” world we’re all supposed to love so much. When globalization hits the localized conditions in a hot pan, who knows what to expect? Maybe with our unemployment problems and the national emphasis on education as vocational training, we will join our Korean brothers and sisters in the insanity.

        In fact, just yesterday one of Mrs. Nate’s colleagues (also in education) came to her distraught at the fact that her 3 yo was having difficulty learning to read!

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