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Links and a mood check

Wedgewood stove

Links, again.

Facing the novel is difficult. It’s so difficult that I will often do a million other difficult and heartbreaking things before I’ll face my novel. Like teach. Being a teacher is teaching me that not everyone is cut out for academics, and not everyone will even have an ounce of love for the thing I love (reading and writing), and not everyone can be saved, but it’s my job to inspire anyway. Sometimes no one is following me because they don’t want to go where I’m going, so I have to go back and fetch them and usher them forward. Sometimes someone will say “I quit” and that’s possibly the worst feeling for both them and for me, and I will want to quit, too. But I have to continue to inspire.

Facing the novel is difficult. But I love it anyway. Making headway on my revision–very very slow headway. But making headway.


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