Craving squashed!


Remember that apple cider donut craving I’ve been having (for at least a month now)?

Craving squashed.

I made quite a few of them this morning, and then ate two fresh, warm, glazed apple cider donuts.

I’m on “vacation” from revising my novel. It’s good to know that on my vacation, I did something other than play Farm Town and grade student papers. 😉 I also ate donuts.


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5 responses to “Craving squashed!

  1. Those look so good! You totally get vacation bonus points.

  2. Those look seriously delicious. Yum!

  3. Nate

    …and a thousand cravings launched!

  4. thank you all. and guess what–a week after the donuts are gone, i just reread this post and am craving them all over again!

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