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waxing moon

the strip

i have not slept all week. i mean, i have slept, but not slept well. i mean, i have “slept” if you mean a session of tossing, turning, restless lapsing into unconsciousness and consciousness, wandering the house in defeat, then collapsing back into bed only to wake up again in darkness.

last night i stayed up, exhausted yet alert, until 4am in the morning, thinking yes, maybe tonight i’m exhausted enough to sleep a full eight hours. but no. i wake up at 9am on my day off (on vacation from novel revision) unable to sleep anymore. (and only after restless turning tossing “sleep”).

i have tried exercise, then a hot bath, and then a big mug of chamomile tea.

i have tried lots of booze.

i have tried carbs.

(not all at once of course).

fail. fail. fail.

there was a full moon last night. the entire week has consisted of a waxing moon. maybe i’m a werewolf.

a friend said, “maybe you’re a zombie.”

to which i replied, “maybe i’m a zombie because i’m a werewolf.”

Update 4/30: Annnnnd now waning moon. I can’t stop sleeping. Several naps today. I could use more sleep. Insomnia over. Hello, narcolepsy!


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