waxing moon

the strip

i have not slept all week. i mean, i have slept, but not slept well. i mean, i have “slept” if you mean a session of tossing, turning, restless lapsing into unconsciousness and consciousness, wandering the house in defeat, then collapsing back into bed only to wake up again in darkness.

last night i stayed up, exhausted yet alert, until 4am in the morning, thinking yes, maybe tonight i’m exhausted enough to sleep a full eight hours. but no. i wake up at 9am on my day off (on vacation from novel revision) unable to sleep anymore. (and only after restless turning tossing “sleep”).

i have tried exercise, then a hot bath, and then a big mug of chamomile tea.

i have tried lots of booze.

i have tried carbs.

(not all at once of course).

fail. fail. fail.

there was a full moon last night. the entire week has consisted of a waxing moon. maybe i’m a werewolf.

a friend said, “maybe you’re a zombie.”

to which i replied, “maybe i’m a zombie because i’m a werewolf.”

Update 4/30: Annnnnd now waning moon. I can’t stop sleeping. Several naps today. I could use more sleep. Insomnia over. Hello, narcolepsy!



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2 responses to “waxing moon

  1. When I have insomnia, which is at least once a week, my solution (if exercise, reading, and reducing caffeine doesn’t work) is Unisom. Half a tablet is enough for me. The liquidgels (same as Benedryl) are useless, the tablets are gold (they are same ingredient as in Nyquil). My doctor claims you can take Unisom every night for years with no ill effects.
    Alcohol actually can make insomnia worse.

    • thank you for the advice–this insomnia is/was killer, i don’t know how people who deal with it on a regular basis, retain sanity. just as i was about to resort to Unisom/beg a friend for Ambien…i was hit by a wave of utter exhaustion/sleepiness.

      and now–i am on the other side of the boat: i can’t stop sleeping. have fallen asleep throughout the day and cannot stay awake. narcolepsy. somehow, i still prefer narcolepsy to insomnia.

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