anonymous before eponymous

I have an anonymous blog, and I have this blog. I think I’m way more open on my anonymous blog, for obvious reasons; and I feel like I’m a horrible and guarded bore, here. Bleah.


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4 responses to “anonymous before eponymous

  1. Nate

    It’s only natural, as a writer/editor/teacher your reputation is what sells books/subscriptions/gets folks to sign up for your classes (well, that and graduation requirements). You are more open anonymously, but isn’t that the point of anonymity?

    • Nate

      As far as nerdy writerly things to notice, I think it is also worth mentioning that every choice of narration has limitations and advantages.

      • True. It’s interesting what I decide to blog here, and what I decide to blog under my anonymous blog. It’s interesting to see how free I feel over at the anonymous blog and how that informs the content once my decision is made…

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