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More luscious links.


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  1. Great links! They are a little heavy on the rejction. Life as a witer is sort of heavy on the rejection, so it seems appropriate.

    • I know–I only noticed the rejection-heavy list until after “save”–but then again, nothing in life is entirely objective; you know where my mind is at these days. 😛

  2. Thanks for the links!
    And, I disagree that a rejection is a rejection is a rejection. I mean, yes, you’re not getting your work published, but a personal rejection note that says submit again (or something to that effect) can do wonders for your writing and publishing self-confidence, and sometimes that’s just what you need (if publication isn’t possible, anyway).

    • true. as fiction editor, I make sure to send a note asking select writers to please submit again. but–at the same time, I can’t get “Y’s” words out of my head: “it’s still a rejection.”

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