rose, evening light

Yes, it’s summer. Summer: roses in bloom, farm-fresh strawberries and yellow donut peaches, warm evenings, leafy trees, swimming pools, ice cream, watermelons, sleeping in, sleeping late…

  • Janet Fitch’s very wise 10 Writing Tips
  • HEY! HOW’S THAT NOVEL COMING ALONG? YOU HAVEN’T FINISHED? (Really: my dry cleaner is STILL asking me, 4 years after I told her I was writing a novel. I regret having told her. I should have just said I work in HR–that tends to shut people right up): The quiet hell of 10 years of novel writing
  • Dear Sugar’s remarkable column. “How you get unstuck.”
  • Acting with James Franco (watch all of them!)
  • You know about my love affair with VONA. Sharline Chiang is guest contributor at The Basin Blog, and is generously sharing her notes from various workshops, beginning with Gail Tsukiyama and David Mura
  • Mel Gibson’s f*cking rants, visualized (yet another great use case for Wordle–the best use case being that you should plug your writing in and see which words you use most for editing purposes)
  • This iPhone/ EVO youtube video has me cracking up…even weeks later
  • Jeffrey Eugenides discusses his novel-in-progress. (Original interview w Galassi on his novel-in-progress here).

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