That didn’t take long

subway tile art + graffiti

Well, my peaceful acceptance of life’s twists and turns didn’t last long. The reality of my 2010 Fall is beginning to sink in: it doesn’t look like I will have much time to write. I’ve been in denial about this new change in schedule, but now that it is upon me, I realize I have to make some huge pragmatic concessions and compromises with my time.

I want to cry.
But I will buck up.
Even though I want to cry.

Meanwhile: check out the crazy subway tile art! Look at the juxtaposition of these two figures. Examine how they are dressed–check out how the bigger lady on the left is outfitted with a shapeless grocery bag and equally unattractive tote/backpack and clothed in what seems to be either sweats or capris with what seems to be boots/sneakers…and how the slimmer lady on the right has a cute “fashionable” handbag with skirt and heels. The lookism here is incredible.

And even better: the clever graffiti speech bubble coming out of the “fat” figure on the left. An intrepid citizen gave the figure a voice, one that boldly says, “Ok, so I fat so wot?” LOL. Yes exactly. So what?


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One response to “That didn’t take long

  1. That photo is awesome.

    I would respond with something motivating and inspiring about the writing, but the first week of the semester is over and I just hit the wall and can’t possibly think of anything else other than lying on my dog and avoiding thinking about work. Oof.

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