Literary Auction update

Thought I would provide an update on the Literary Auction to help Jennifer Derilo beat cancer. Jennifer was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in late April, and she has NO health insurance–and thus, the auction. A bunch of us are trying to make a tragic situation a little less unbearable by helping defray some of her medical bills.

We’re heading into the home stretch of the auction, people. Many many last minute donations by writers (some of whom don’t even know Jennifer!) flooded in as soon as the auction started on Tuesday, and we added as many of them as we could, to the roster. Thank you to all the contributors, thank you to all the bidders, to all the donors, to all of you getting the word out about this auction. If you want to skip the rest of the update and head straight to the eBay auction click here.

If you want to read another account of this auction, we were blogged at the LA Times book blog, Jacket Copy (thank you to Carolyn Kellogg who wrote the wonderful article).

Additionally, The Rumpus gave a shout out very early on in our auction.

The response has been amazing and beyond our expectations!  But we need to keep getting the word out, and so I urge you to keep doing so (don’t worry, this auction won’t be forever, so your blogs, FB status updates and twitter streams can resume normal business after Thursday, September 16, when the last of the auction items close).

So we have 2 auction waves:

  • the first auction wave will end on Tuesday the 14th
  • the second auction wave will end on Thursday the 16th

Notice I didn’t specify times, because the items were not posted simultaneously, so please watch items that you want to win, closely. As of now, many of the auctions are still reasonably priced–and even more items are of great value.

While the items are geared towards readers and writers, you don’t have to be a writer or reader to bid or find the items interesting. Several of the writers (Chris Abani, Mat Johnson, and Beth Lisick) are auctioning off opportunities for the winning bidder/donor to have a character named after them in a future book. If you’re interested in being actually written into an erotica piece check this auction by Thea Hillman out; she will read the erotica piece to the public on October 8. These items are all a super-unique opportunity for, as the LA Times put it, “literary immortality,” that you will probably not find anywhere else.

We have nonfiction, YA, fiction, and poetry manuscript critiques. This is another special opportunity to engage in personal, one-on-one critique for a manuscript that you are readying for publication, submission to literary agents, MFA applications, or an MFA thesis. (Manuscript pages should be double spaced, 12 point font, with 1 inch margins). The list, in chronological order of auction:

If you are applying to grad school, there’s an SOP critique from Kirsten Saxton, who will also (in lieu of an SOP critique), critique an academic paper. If you’ve got a ready manuscript and want to submit it to literary agents or want to write up a book proposal, Elmaz Abinader will help you with a book proposal or letter of inquiry (or pedagogical advice for one semester–great for anyone starting a teaching career who wants mentorship).

There are a number of signed books and manuscripts at the auction. Some of these items include signed galleys (not found in bookstores) and essays. A good number of the signed books are 1st edition hardcovers.

Additionally, there are a number of items outside of the realm of MS critiques, signed books, and having a character named after you in a future manuscript. These items include:

  • Personalized Artist Book made by and from, Justin Chin. This is a hot item, and for good reason. Who wouldn’t want a personalized item?
  • A painting of Emily Duckinson by Ali Liebegott. Yes–duck, as in “quack quack” (so awesome). I recently updated the auction with a picture of the actual painting up for auction (it’s the second one, with Emily Duckinson in a blue blouse). The paintings usually go for a pretty price! And so far, the painting is bidding at under-market value.
  • Poetry reading for hire by Tara Hardy. Hello? A poetry reading in your home!

You can go directly to the auction here or here.

I do want to take the time and space to send out my appreciation:

First off, I want to thank ALL the friends and supporters who RT’d on twitter, shared on Facebook, and blogged about, links to the auction. You are all so amazing. We are so overwhelmed (in a good way). I am exhausted but the world feels good this week–all because of your goodness. You will be blessed.

I want to thank all those who are bidding on the auction items. I thank you for putting your money to a good cause, and I hope you enjoy the items that you do win!

I cannot forget thanking the participants/auction contributors. Without your incredible generosity, this auction would not exist. Thank you so so much for putting in your time, for extending your generosity, and opening up your hearts to this cause and to Jennifer, someone many of you have never even met. You are truly amazing, and I hope that the Muse gives you extra good treats very shortly.

Again, please get the word out! (Yes, I can be quite the nag–but I hope I’m being charming about it). It’s for a great cause, and well, it’s good karma. You will be blessed, at the very least, by our gratitude.

Thank you thank you and thank you. I will be giving an update on total amount raised, when the auction ends.

Direct contributions can be made via paypal to teamjender AT gmail DOT com.

And let’s dream about a world that one day will have universal healthcare in America. As Alexander Chee tweeted, “I hate that I live in a country where people have to have fundraisers to have the basic healthcare they’d get in any 50 other countries.”

*The above picture is a janky cellphone picture of me and Jennifer in 2006. When the LA Times asked us for a picture, we realized that that was our ONLY picture together! Advice to everyone: always have pictures of you and your friends. And make sure you look SMASHING in that photo. Because you never know.


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  1. lucy

    I don’t have a manuscript for critique and am a bit shy about having a character named after me. Could you sell a buy-it-now “goodwill of Team Jender” on ebay? I could use one of those!

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