Stylish Blogger Award

Sunny from Taryn’s Design Diary has granted me…a…(wait for it —!)

Stylish Blogger Award.

Bwahahahahahahaaaaa!! I am so honored, as I dwell these days in uber-stylish downtown Manhattan, where I often feel like the frumpiest thing around.

I admit–and as a writer (aren’t we supposed to be starving artists?), it’s hard to admit…that I have my favorite designers. That shopping is my guilty pleasure. That when bored, you can find me browsing Bluefly, or Gilt. That I’ve visited the Woodbury Commons Premium Outlets TWICE inside of a month here in NYC. That I have a closet of fancy clothing….but even so, I prefer spending the majority of my days in a vintage tshirt and pajama bottoms. And since I packed mostly jeans and tshirts, with a few errant blouses for my move here, I walk down the streets of NYC, adjacent to beautiful models, in said tshirt and jeans. (At least I’m rocking a nice new haircut).

Now that I have revealed my insecurity by rambling on about my “style”…here come the obligatory 7 Facts About Me:

  1. I’m marking my days in NYC by counting my rat sightings. Rat #1 was dead on Varick Street. Rat #2 was scurrying into a brick building on Canal. Tonight, Rat #3 was on a languid stroll on Greenwich Street, sniffing someone’s parked bicycle, before ambling back into the sewer. Bold rat.
  2. I’m sorry about starting off with rats. But they’re on my mind here. I’m also obsessed these days with moisturizers, because of the dry winter air (my bloody noses have stopped, thank goodness). La Mer is not even enough. I tried Yu-be cream on my face but it just clogged up my pores, even though it’s a damn good moisturizer. On my hands, I’ve tried Yu-be cream, Aquaphor, L’Occitane, and good old Vaseline super intensive care lotion. I honestly think the Yu-be cream is the best of the lot for hands. Now I’m on to figuring out moisturizer for my feet…
  3. Ohdear. This is turning into a list of my obsessions, rather than simple facts about me. Um. I have 2 wiener dogs. They’re so old, they mostly sleep all day long. And occasionally lick my feet. I am not sure why they lick my feet, but they do. And I’ve gotten used to it over the years so I just let them lick my feet. If I don’t let them lick my feet, I have to PET THEM. Which is kind of way more effort on my part.
  4. I really, really like cold weather. Not sub-arctic cold. But you know, below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. And I prefer 20F to 90F.
  5. I do a horrible English British accent. Horrible.
  6. I write on my hands. This activity has significantly decreased since the advent of the smartphone, because I email myself reminders via smartphone more often than I write on my hand. But when I have something I really, really need to remember that day, I’ll write it on the back of my hand. (And I write rather messy, so that no one else will know what it is I wrote) If I die a premature death, blame it on all the ink I’ve absorbed through my skin.
  7. I really need 2011 to be a good writing year. I spent all of 2007 recovering from my stroke, which affected my short term memory and ability to write/construct a narrative or story. I dropped out of my MFA program for a little while. During recovery, I received a couple of writing awards from stories written pre-stroke. I was completely tripped out–I was unable to write, and didn’t know if I would ever write again. I spent 2008 gathering my wits, and still unable to write, but finished my MFA by stumbling across the line, turning in a thesis that was a hodge podge of stories written before my stroke. In 2009, I started writing again, and finished the first draft of my novel. 2010 was consumed by teaching and non-writing obligations/responsibilities. And 2011? 2011 is going to be my year as a writer.

And I pass the award on to others (and I’m going to fail at listing 7 other bloggers, because I don’t know any style bloggers, just writers and good friends who vehemently don’t consider themselves stylish, so…my list will be short):

  • w m c i s n o w h e r e–a stylish New Yorker AND world traveller AND writer AND wonderful friend
  • Randa Jarrar ROCKS her style as a writer. Everything she picks out for me to wear? Super cool and super flattering and super playful.
  • Meghan Ward at Writerland spent her formative years as a high fashion model. Stylin’. And now? She’s a writer, writing her modeling memoir.
  • Margaret La Fleur has flair–I mean, check out her awesome name!
  • Elena Mauli Shapiro, who once wrote a story for workshop about being a model. Everyone believed she had actually BEEN a model.

Instructions in a nutshell. Link back to the blogger who awarded you. Set forth seven (7) facts about yourself. Nominate up to seven (7) other bloggers deserving of the award. Be sure to include the Stylish Blogger Award logo somewhere in the post.


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8 responses to “Stylish Blogger Award

  1. – So glad I awarded a writer! The result is more interesting, and more fun to read!
    – Ew, rats? Really?
    – You’ll have to slather a ton of Vaseline or Aquaphor over your feet and wear socks to bed. It’s the only way. I also like mineral oil or good ole’ EVOO. For reals! EVOO for moisturizing your skin!
    – I’ve always been the opposite: I cannot stand ink on my skin. When I get even a slight nip of ink on a fingertip, I go neurotic and need to wipe it off immediately!
    – It WILL be a good year. You are entitled to it.

  2. Haha! FLAIR!

    My boyfriend and I are not engaged, but occasionally the question of “would you take his last name?” has come up. And I always say no, and though part of that is for feminist reasons, part of it is also because my name is just better. 😉

  3. can’t help you with rats, but I can recommend Curel! Good luck,

  4. Your blog entries put my first attempts to shame. The award is deserving. The weiner dogs licking your feet? I once had a dog licking my feet obsessively under the table during a dinner–someone told me that it’s because he liked the salt.

  5. Rat Sighting #4 today. East Village. 2nd Ave sidewalk. Broad daylight. Dead. In a pile of trash.

  6. I took a Fresh Air kid from NYC for 5 years. When I asked her what the biggest difference between NYC and our upstate NY area was, she said “There are no rats here, I haven’t seen even one rat, not even in town!” I thought she was kidding, I thought she meant like, street-rats or something, like on Aladdin when the guy with the turban and the sword says “street-rat” and Aladdin sings “Street rat..I don’t…buy that” But she wasn’t kidding. No. No, you don’t see rats around here, the occasional possum, but not a rat…at least…I’ve never seen one!

    Glad you had a few doggers to get you through your rough times. There’s nothing like analyzing your foot licking dog to bring you back to yourself when times get tough.

    Warm regards,

  7. Scott

    Hello Christine.
    I don’t expect you to remember me, but I submitted “A Yellow Suit” to Kartika Review when you were fiction editor. Although it wasn’t accepted, you sent me a very thoughtful email that, in many ways, has encouraged me to keep writing to this day (in fact, I’ve just sent another piece to Kartika, though this time it’s nonfiction). Sorry to hear about the stroke (I appreciate the email even more now, given your conditionat the time). Anyway, just wanted to drop you a thanks and a “hello.” Good luck with everything you do!

    • Hi Scott: Yes, I remember your piece! I’m so glad that I did not squelch your writing, and encouraged you to go forth. No rejection should make you want to stop writing. And good luck to you, too!

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