Anti-Asian Racist Video

If you’re on my FB and/or follow me on twitter, you’ve seen my updates on the anti-Asian racist video by Alexandra Wallace. For a second, you just wish this were fake and unreal–but it is sadly for real. She really is a student at UCLA…who at one point in the video does a rendition of “Ching-Chong-ese” that outdoes Rush Limbaugh’s version.

I have too many stories that include people like her, in my life. I am angry and hurt by her actions and words–but I am not going to retaliate by calling her names. I do hope she gets disciplined, and is mandated to attend diversity appreciation classes. And in my dreams, I hope she is sent to Japan to help the tsunami + earthquake survivors that she demeans in her video. (If Gilbert Gottfried’s contract with Aflac is rescinded because of his untimely jokes about Japan’s tragic natural disaster, I don’t see why she should go unpunished).

I hear that an Asian gang has a hit on her–but that’s not cool, people. No need to go there. I see lots of people backing her up, and saying she is right–and that just makes me very very sad. Why do THEY have to go there?

Her words are the kind of thing I heard everyday while growing up, 25+ years ago. Back then, we just bore it in silence, or did our best while standing alone. Now, I’m inspired to see an entire community stand together and push back…and to see that community being comprised of not only Asian Americans, but all of our friends. We have more power as a community than we have ever had, and I am so so proud of how far we have come.

And here are some sites that can provide you with better updates:

  • The LA Weekly Blog has updated news on the situation. Last night, Wallace issued a curt apology. Not enough of an apology. Not enough.
  • The Daily Bruin is reporting on this as well. The article includes quotes from administration that disapprove of her behavior. Even if she’s invoking her First Amendment rights, they are disgusted that she is using them to proliferate hate.
  • New Yorker in Seoul has a blog post up, one that includes the Asian Pacific Coalition at UCLA’s articulate letter responding to the matter. They advise the following:

    1) Email Chancellor Gene Block (chancellor AT ucla DOT edu) and Assistant Vice Chancellor Robert J. Naples (rnaples AT saonet DOT ucla DOT edu) to report this matter as a violation of Student Conduct.

    2) Post a message on Chancellor Block’s Facebook page expressing your concern:

  • On March 18, Alexandra Wallace posted an apology and announced that she will be dropping out of UCLA. Was this of her own volition (“there are toooo many Asians heeeere!”) or did the administration “encourage” her to withdraw? (UCLA is taking no action against her). Either way, I am sad that she received death threats–I had hoped this was a learning opportunity for her, and I hope it still is.


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4 responses to “Anti-Asian Racist Video

  1. I don’t even know what to say to this. It’s incredible and deeply troubling. I also just saw this post at Sociological Images, about people’s ignorant and hateful status updates and tweets saying that Japan DESERVED this.

    WTF is WRONG with people? There are plenty of things people do that I disagree with, but I’d never suggest that they deserve to be victims of a disaster because of them.

  2. There are a few entertaining responses from other Asian UCLA students. Most notably:

    Also 4chan was posting her personal information online the other night, so who knows if she has yet to really feel the repercussions of her statements. I heard that youtube removed her video and labeled it as hate speech. Maybe some people just forget that what you say on the internet stays on the internet and is viewed by everyone.

    • Nate

      That’s a great point, she will be will be paying for this forever, no matter what the Chancellor decides to do (imagine trying to get a any job, ever, w/ this floating around.)

      UCLA should be just as ashamed. How could a 3rd year student at a predominantly Asian school be so clueless? They have to do better.

  3. Carla

    What a ridiculous person Alexandra Wallace is in her youtube “like OMG, it is like finals week, you know and I was just almost at an epiphany in the library!” anti-Asian racist video (lame) rant. She comes across as a mindless, spoiled brat who needs to blame someone for her own non-epiphany achieving lameness. The girl doesn’t need to be killed, she needs to get her head out of her own ass and live in the real world, with people of varied ancestry. It is rather infuriating to know the likes of her are able to work YouTube!

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