No words

Rinno Ji in Nikko

As for the Japanese earthquake + tsunami…I haven’t written up a post, because I have no words. I am overwhelmed by the images and the stories coming out of Japan, from stories about the survival of one baby, to the many many deaths and news reports highlighting shocked and weeping parents searching for children and people searching the debris for loved ones, to stories about cats and dogs being found alive, to the news about pending nuclear reactor disaster, to stories about the small core group of nuclear reactor engineers (heroes) staying behind to work on the reactors, to footage of the first minutes of the tsunami, to stories about little towns that are no more, to the many many personal stories that touch my quivering, heavy heart.

I have no words. And you can pray, but I’m sorry, prayers can only do so much, because if you believe in G*d, he’s already sent an earthquake and a tsunami, and now it’s up to humans to pick up the pieces. So send money, if you can. Because right now, that’s better than any blog post. And because in this situation, prayer helps yourself more than those in need.


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4 responses to “No words

  1. thank you for these links. much love,

  2. Nate

    Prayers for the dead, $ for the living.

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