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Literary Blog Relay: “Transformation” Chapter 1

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We are doing a literary blog relay:

One writer writes a 250 word post/story/fragment and then tags the next writer, etc., etc. We can write whatever we want, so long as our posts begin with the last line of the previous post and are linked to a central them; in this case, “Transformation.” Kind of like a track and field relay–except we’re writin’ it!

I’m kicking off the relay here, and in the name of continuity, I’ve decided to take the last line from Nova Ren Suma’s last post from our last literary blog relay

And coincidentally, Nova is next.

I had lost my legs and gained them back again and soon, like magic, I’d use them to walk away. I’d killed the prince with the Sea Witch’s knife, let his hot blood drip all over my feet until my legs turned tail and I tossed myself back into the sea where my sisters, shorn of their hair, greeted me with songs that I too, with my regained voice, sang.

But my return to the sea was not without regret. Vanity overcame my mermaid sisters and they turned against me for not being more grateful for their sacrifice, having bartered their hair for the knife, and by proxy, my life. I found no peace in sleep either, for I dreamt of murder and loveless life until I awoke tangled and choking in the kelp beds.

I revisited the beach, lay on warm sand, until the scales on my tail dulled and fell off of me like down off a growing duckling, until my plume tail burned with the memory of the prince’s blood and I could feel the knife as he had felt it, in what I thought was an extraordinary empathy that for a split second gave me much pride. And then, through my tears, I saw my legs, returned.

I walked. I walked away from the water, from my sisters and from the beach, now sequined with my cerulean scales. I walked toward town. I walked tall. I walked unabashed, every nerve on every toe blinking with pain.

THE FULL LINE UP, IN ORDER (completed posts in bold)

  1. Christine Lee Zilka czilka.wordpress.com
  2. Nova Ren Suma novaren.wordpress.com
  3. Wah-Ming Chang wmcisnowhere.wordpress.com
  4. Nina LaCour ninalacour.com/blog
  5. Stephanie Brown scififanatic.livejournal.com
  6. Jamey Hatley jameyhatley.wordpress.com
  7. Matthew Salesses matthewsalesses.com
  8. Krystn Lee blog.kryslee.com
  9. Bryan Bliss bryanbliss.blogspot.com


  • Start with the last line of the previous entry.
  • Poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction all up for grabs.
  • 250 words (you can fudge if artistic license requires)
  • Thematically linked
  • Link to the next person on the list, as well as those who posted before you.
  • Post something within 4 or 5 days of the most recent piece.
  • Posts should start with an explanation, with links to the previous posts as well as the next.


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