What Inspires You?

(Design & illustration by Robert Roxby–I snarfed this theme image off of Nova’s blog)

My good friend Nova has a month-long series on “What Inspires You”over at her blog Distraction No. 99 It is, needless to say, an inspiring series of well-timed guest posts during the month of NaNoWriMo.

There are many more posts forthcoming in the series, but already there is such a range of talk: about failure, daughters, and music as sources of energy and creativity.

And today my post on what inspires me is up at Nova’s blog. It’s kind of dark and twisty. I really wanted to write about bunny rabbits and puppies, I really did.

But I didn’t. I wrote about Darkness instead. It’s one for the Dark and Twisty folks, my fambam, my people. Go read it.


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2 responses to “What Inspires You?

  1. froglivers

    I love your post — the others are quite nod-along-worthy, and I remind myself to take tips, but yours just *felt right* for going into writing.
    Thanks for that, and your blog. I quite dig how your honesty sounds. Is it awful to say that it makes me sit back in anticipation for the next gets-it Asian American novel that comes out of this voice?

    • @froglivers: I am so floored by your encouragement and support. Thank you SO much for taking the time out to drop me a line, and for stopping by my blog. I’m so happy that there are readers like you. 🙂 What you said is not “awful” at all–in fact, it has made my day–my month, even!

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