98 Wounds Giveaway: winner!

Scarlet the Wiener Dog reading 98 Wounds by Justin Chin

There is now a winner of the 98 Wounds giveaway..!

I didn’t do a video this time, but if I were to liveblog the drawing, it would have happened as follows:

  • 4:15pm: So excited. Who will be the winner?
  • 4:16pm: Enter names in the order of comment. Assign a number to each of you, in the order you left your comment. Thusly:


  • 4:18pm: Bring up random.org. Instruct it to enter a number between 1 and 12.
  • 4:19pm: Time to pick a random number!
  • *drum roll please*
  • *ongoing drum roll*
  • *some more drum roll*
  • 4:20pm: And the winning number is 5!


  • 4:20pm: Ohwait. Who is Number 5?
  • 4:20pm: Think to myself, that sounds like a movie.
  • 4:21pm: Google to see if that really is a movie.
  • 4:22pm: It isn’t. A movie, that is. But maybe it’d make a good name for a movie.
  • 4:20pm: Take a quick glance at the spreadsheet to see who Number 5 might be (as I’m sure you’re doing now).
  • The winner is…

Tammy Melody Gomez!
…whose comment was:
“I once dreamt of a book that featured, as its cover art, an image of the eyes of Buddha. Not long after that, Justin Chin was in town (Austin) promoting his latest book BITE HARD. When I spotted the art on the back cover, I exclaimed that it looked much like what I’d seen in my dream. I got a copy, which he signed, ‘Here it is. The book of your dreams!'”

*cymbal clash!*

Congratulations to Tammy–and thank you for supporting the 98 Wounds giveaway, and Justin Chin. I hope all of you who wanted a copy and didn’t win, still manage to find yourselves a copy. Thank you!

  • 4:27pm: Realize that the reason I think “Who is Number 5” might be a movie title is because (aha!) it reminds me of “Number 5…is! Alive!” from Short Circuit. I’m old. *drops the mike onto the floor*

98 Wounds + Justin Chin paraphernalia

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