Scarlet the Wiener Dog strikes again!

Scarlet the Wiener Dog discovers the tp dispenser!

I have wiener dogs who looove to eat facial tissues and toilet paper. I am not sure where/how they cultivated this singular passion, but it’s gotten to the point where in our house we cannot leave facial tissue boxes lying around within wiener dog lunging reach. (Scarlet the Wiener Dog has figured out how to pull tissues out of the box).

Fairly recently, Scarlet the Wiener Dog discovered the phenomenon of Infinite Toilet Paper!!! INFINITE! TOILET! PAPER!!! (aka: the toilet paper roll).

It only took her 18 years to figure that one out, but we are simultaneously dismayed and amused. Mostly amused.

Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? My old dog has been learning a lot of new tricks lately: the toilet paper dispenser, and staring at herself in mirrors.

This morning, I discovered a toilet paper roll on the floor, behind the toilet bowl. Huh. Weird.

I picked it up, noticing the gnawed-upon roll. Very curious.

Scarlet the Wiener Dog cracks me up. I hope she makes you laugh, too.

Found gnawed-upon roll of tp on floor. Scarlet the Wiener Dog strikes again!


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3 responses to “Scarlet the Wiener Dog strikes again!

  1. My Irish Wolfhound would destroy toilet paper rolls to get to the cardboard tube. He’d shred the paper to get it out of his way, dragging it all over, like opening up a present, and then eat the cardboard. It was hilarious to watch him with rolls of Christmas wrap – the biggest cardboard tube candy he could imagine. He’d try to sneak off with it: a giant dog with a giant cardboard tube trying to sneak.

  2. ah, this definitely made me laugh. MY long dog does not know this trick… thankfully? I think it would make us laugh too…

    • @Lisa: Wow, I don’t even know what I’d do with an Irish Wolfhound–they’re HUGE! I grew up with a half Lab/half Wolfhound, and she could get into everything. 🙂

      @Kris: it’s best to keep your dachshunds in the dark about Infinite Toilet Paper. 😉

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