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Drifting House Giveaway: Winner!

Scarlet and Ziggy reading "Drifting House" by Krys Lee

There is now a winner of the Drifting House giveaway..!

Seeing as how I’m still a bit decrepit from my mega-cold (oh, plus there’s no water in my building today! booyah!), I didn’t do a video, but here’s a pseudo-live-blog of the drawing:

12:30pm: Ooh! Time to pick a winner!
12:40pm: Wait. Too early. The drawing ends at 1:00pm.
12:45pm: Last minute tweet urging people to enter the giveaway.

1:15pm: Ooh! Time to pick a winner!
1:16pm: Seriously. Why did only 4 people enter this giveaway? It never ceases to amaze me how some books get 70+ entries, and others less than 10. Please buy this book.
1:20pm: I normally would enter names in a spreadsheet in the order of comment. But ahem, seeing as there are only 4 (y’all got a 25% chance of winning!) here they are:
1. redjim99
2. Alvin
3. Heather
4. Laura

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