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The Edge of Maybe Giveaway: winner!

Scarlet the Wiener Dog reading "The Edge of Maybe" by Ericka Lutz

…Someone has won The Edge of Maybe giveaway. Yes. One of you had to win.

As always, I assigned each of you who entered the giveaway, a number. I gave out numbers in the order of commenting (the first commenter was #1, the 2nd was #2, etc., etc).

Seriously, there you all are…


Then I went on a walk. And had some tea. Sat with my dogs and petted them on the head.

You know, things that would drive you nuts if you were waiting for the winner of the giveaway to be announced.



I pulled up random.org, my handy dandy online number generator and told it to pick a number between 1 and 15.

And guess what? The winner was…


The winner is #1! Entrant #1 is none other than Dave Holper who as his comment wrote:

I went to high school with her, and I’d like to see what’s she writing.

Congratulations, Dave! You win a signed copy of Ericka Lutz’s The Edge of Maybe along with The Edge of Maybe postcards and refrigerator (or file cabinet or other metal object) magnet.

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