My Bottom Line on Weight Loss


I want to do a blog post on how I lost 20 pounds (a few of you have asked how I did it), but part of me is so disgusted by the glorification of weight loss that I discard the blog post every time. I just want to tell people to love their body and eat whatever they want, whenever they want, and stop when not hungry, and eat when hungry. And move a little. Anything that you can do–walking is great for me. Buy a fitbit monitor and set a walking goal each day, whether it’s 3,000 steps or 10K steps. Keep moving. Do yoga. (I love yoga with Tara Stiles, an experience that has been life-changing). Breathe. Maybe you’ll lose 5 pounds, maybe you’ll lose 50 pounds. Maybe it will take a few weeks, or a year, or two years. It doesn’t matter. Be good to yourself.


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3 responses to “My Bottom Line on Weight Loss

  1. Well (i.e. carefully) said, CZ. Moving to a city where walking is the primary mode of transport has dovetailed nicely with your goals (of course, if you are walking to buy more french fries, perhaps yoga has been the key!)

    I do take serious issue with your last line as I will now have Journey in my head for the next three days. Arghhh!

    • @Nate: Ohdearlord, that wasn’t even conscious! I quoted Journey! EPIC. It’s harder to walk around in the Bay Area, but I’ve come up for a plan to keep up my fitness while there this summer. It involves a bike and a treadmill.

      • Nate

        In the BA you have a more challenging topography and greater distances between things, so there’s that advantage. Good luck.

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