(hits head on table)

One of 2 writing spots in my house: I live writing at the dining room table

<hits head on table>Looked at my novel-in-progress; it is such a mess and I HATE it today. I know I must soldier on, because I am probably near a breakthrough moment if I hate it this much, but it is agonizing and awful and I feel hopeless. </hits head on table>*

*table on which I am slamming my head is pictured above.


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3 responses to “(hits head on table)

  1. I know that feeling.

    Recent novel took me 15 drafts before I actually even _liked_ the story. Ended up changing the world, the setting, erased about 5 characters that I had somewhat fleshed out. In the end I never looked back.

    Ping me if you wanna chat about it.

  2. Well, it’s a beautiful table if one must hit one’s head on a table 🙂 But hang in there. We all hate our WIPs from time to time. Sometimes I hate mine and sometimes I love it, depending on the week. Writing, like you said in a previous post, is HARD.

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