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Revision Delays

Ziggy yawn

Everyday. A headache.

Needless to say, my novel revision is not on schedule. It’s hard to write when your head hurts everyday. My doctor says my daily headaches are due to hormones–so all I can do is pop a Tylenol, guzzle some water, and get some rest.

It’s awful not to write. When I’m not in bed, I walk around restless, because I’m always in some level of discomfort. Or I walk around restless, because my novel feels so very far away.

Sometimes, I get to the brink of inspiration, and I open up my novel manuscript in Scrivener. And then, the dull thud in my brain steps on any idea I had. So I have to close my novel. Which leaves me staring at the wall helpless, cursing these daily headaches.

In the interim–I’m reading when my head doesn’t feel too bad. Because if you can’t write, reading is another form of writing.

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