Delightfully Weird

Scarlet, ho'ing out
Scarlet the Wiener Dog, sunbathing.

I love weird things and people. And I loved my delightfully weird wiener dog, Scarlet.

Here is a montage of some of her weirdness over the years.

She loved to eat flies.

She always knew where to find tasty things (this time, not a fly).

Scarlet eyes the cherry clafouti on the countertop

The things she found tasty were quite odd. Toilet paper.

Scarlet the Wiener Dog discovers the tp dispenser!

Here’s a wink and a razberry from Scarlet the Wiener Dog, in her later years.

*wink*and a razzberry from Scarlet the Wiener Dog

She taught me to ask for all of it. Because sometimes you *get* all you ask for.

Scarlet atop her kingdom

Oh, mirror love…

She loved to read.

Scarlet, reading Forgotten Country by Catherine Chung

When you have 2 wiener dogs, you can make one very long wiener dog.

extra long wiener dog

Also, they just really liked each other.

spooning wieners

They were in sync.


And always knew how to get comfy.

favorite place

But mostly I loved her.

Summer 2003


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