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My Gear Favorites: the first 4 postpartum weeks


We’re closing in on a month postpartum here in our household. It’s been an intense few weeks, one that at times I doubted surviving! But we’re all still alive, and a bit wiser for it. And yes, we are very very sleep deprived, so mostly, I hope I make sense to the outside world.

Since having a newborn is a very singular, obsessive experience (feed baby, change baby, put baby to sleep. feed baby, change baby, put baby to sleep, baby, baby, baby, baby…), I thought I’d go with the flow and put up a baby-related post, since that’s been my life. Also I hope that in barfing up baby thoughts here, I’ll make room for more literary pondering. Maybe I’ll help some folks, who knows.

If you’re not into it, know that my posts will turn writing-centric again, soon. Because miraculously, I have been able to write in these first few weeks. And I’ve been doing a little bit of Fiction Editor work for Kartika Review. For now, humor me.

Beyond the usual must-haves/recommendations of bouncers, swings, gliders/rockers, and diaper bags (I like the Skip Hop brand diaper bags) and such…I thought I’d chat about baby gear that has been surprisingly helpful in the first postpartum month. These are the items I use every single day that aren’t usually mentioned on baby gear must-have lists.

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