A few new things out there


(Spring is making an appearance in Berkeley).

I’ve a few pieces out in the world in recent days.

Hope you like and enjoy them.


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5 responses to “A few new things out there

  1. That piece about losing your dog was really moving. I had read it before and was moved again. In a way it is what I value about good writing, it is a preparation or a reflection on my own experiences. It helps us to live better, when we read good writing. I really believe that.

  2. Oh, man, two really great stories. Pick-Up Line was great, and the story about saying good-bye to Scarlet the Wiener Dog was just heartbreaking. I’ll tweet both.

  3. I usually hit your blog when I am too tired to do anything but read it. And so I don’t have clever ways of saying how much I like almost everything you do, cuz I am tired. But I love your style of writing and your honest confrontation of life. Keep up all the excellent work, and don’t let the baby overwhelm you. Unless you absolutely have to (Which will probably be a lot of the next 12 to 95 years!)

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