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Mucus Apocalypse

aka Mucus Explosion aka allergy season debut. Can’t go running, can’t vegetable garden outside, don’t want to write, am physically miserable. May even be running a slight fever (do allergies cause fevers?). I even decided to take a Claritin (I avoid allergy meds as much as possible), and it’s not helping much.

Friends are urging the neti pot–but isn’t that kind of like drowning? You know–like when water accidentally goes up your nose in the swimming pool? Not a pleasant feeling. This, my friends, is another reason I love winter; snowy, frigid, icy, pollen-free, winter.

Ah-choo! That is all.

Update: Here is what I wrote on my FB status wrt my allergies (stay tuned as the allergy saga continues throughout the next few weeks)…:

  • I’m very allergic 2 oak pollen. It’s oak pollen season. I live on a street named “oak.” Oak trees are protected in Berkeley. Just looking out my windows into the backyard I can count at least 15 large oak trees. Just the word “oak” is making my scalp itch.
  • “April is the cruellest month” because it’s oak tree pollen season.
  • Cars outside are covered in a flourescent yellow sheen of oak tree pollen. *itch*
  • My friend just asked me “Don’t you have ‘oak’ in your middle name too?”
  • To which I responded, “HOLY MOLY! YESSS! My middle name is Hyung-Oak. SHEEIT. I have “oak” in my middle name. *itch*”


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umm. ahem. so, uh…um.

How’s it going? How are you? Where are you with your writing? How’s life going for you? What brings you here? What’s your favorite color? Oh? Really? Why are you drawn to that color? Cool. What makes you happy? Have you done that in awhile? What makes you sad? Are you still sad? Or are you happy? Are you enjoying this weather? Yah how’s that weather going? I like your shoes. And your purse. Cute. And dude, I like your jacket. Niiice. Thumbs up. Excellent martini here. Gin, not vodka. So uh, how uh…are you?

Sometimes, figuring out what to post is like making small talk with myself.

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Hello world, again

I’m reviving a blog under my real name, after a years-long hiatus from blogging.  So, hello world (again)!


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