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My Bottom Line on Weight Loss


I want to do a blog post on how I lost 20 pounds (a few of you have asked how I did it), but part of me is so disgusted by the glorification of weight loss that I discard the blog post every time. I just want to tell people to love their body and eat whatever they want, whenever they want, and stop when not hungry, and eat when hungry. And move a little. Anything that you can do–walking is great for me. Buy a fitbit monitor and set a walking goal each day, whether it’s 3,000 steps or 10K steps. Keep moving. Do yoga. (I love yoga with Tara Stiles, an experience that has been life-changing). Breathe. Maybe you’ll lose 5 pounds, maybe you’ll lose 50 pounds. Maybe it will take a few weeks, or a year, or two years. It doesn’t matter. Be good to yourself.


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