To Do List 2014


I make a To Do List each year. I’m a big proponent of making lists with actionable items, and it helps me greatly to break down larger goals into such.

And when chaos and ruin hit you within the year, having items within reach that bring you a sense of achievement is invaluable. And having items that promote fun and levity is invaluable. Because no matter what bullshit hits you in the eyeball, you still have to make room for fun, and ultimately, you must get back up and walk again.

I did a pretty good job with my 2013 To Do List–I’ve still yet to write a 4 page long, grammatically correct sentence (that will be done, I swear) or ride the ferry around SF Bay or make a bunch of drinks/desserts that for some reason I flung onto the list, but most things? Achieved. This, despite a lot of change in 2013: a baby, the death of my last surviving wiener dog, relationship stuff, etc.

My life is in transition these days and I’m not sure what will happen in 2014. But at least I know what I want to do, and that’s key…

Miscellaneous Pleasures

  • See NYC at least one more time (in 2014). Yay! I did. Even if it was to move out of my apartment.
  • Laugh until I can’t breathe, at least once. Amen.
  • Go on a picnic. Word.
  • Go on a roadtrip somewhere.
  • Hold a party. A small one.
  • Spend an entire afternoon, reading. Glorious yes. With my head on someone’s lap, to boot.
  • Go barefoot in the grass.
  • Walk a beach. Yes.
  • Hold a soup swap party?
  • Make my own bitters.
  • Make an excellent, trademark cocktail. Mrmmm hrmmm.
  • Go berry picking.
  • Host out of town friends (at least 3). Come visit me, friends! I’m so happy this happened!


  • Write a 4 page long, grammatically correct sentence, a la Roberto Bolaño in 2666.
  • Go to AWP, where I have a panel on writing characters of another race in fiction. Yes, and it kicked arse.
  • Apply to at least one writing residency/fellowship. Chances are nil, but they are definitely nil if I don’t apply, so... Yup.
  • Finish revising my novel in 2014. Did not do this, but I did write a memoir proposal.
  • Query literary agents in 2014. Send out at least one query. Holy crap, I did this! And I got an agent!
  • Write at least one short story of which I am proud.
  • Write at least one essay of which I am proud.


  • Quit smoking (yes, I started up in late 2013).
  • Do 2 juice cleanses this year. (1 down).
  • Reconnect with old friends–this means going out at least once a week. (how this is actionable, I don’t know, but I’ll put this here).
  • Get to a sustained 8 min/mile. (I’m currently at 10 min/mile).
  • Start riding my bike around town again–by March. This means putting air in the tires of my bike.
  • Yoga. Do yoga. Maybe a handstand?

Parenting (Parenting is so new to me–I have no idea what to list)…

  • Enroll my daughter in daycare of some sort by end of year.
  • Hear my daughter say her first sentence.
  • Learn what my daughter’s favorite color is.
  • Teach my daughter to dance.
  • Help my daughter to make friends.
  • Teach my daughter a joke (too young)?

And yet again–spectacular changes within a year. Last year, I spent New Year’s Eve bouncing on a yoga ball, in the last days of pregnancy. This year, I rang in 2014 in NYC, at a party my friends threw me, while my daughter slept peacefully in the bedroom.


I have amazing friends.



I owe them my life.

And now I’m going to celebrate Lunar New Year and have some dduk guk.



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7 responses to “To Do List 2014

  1. Good luck with the goals. My advice on the 4-page sentence is to study late Henry James (The Ambassadors, for example).

  2. I love the J in you right here. 🙂

  3. C

    Your kid will teach YOU to dance. Just show her some Beyonce videos. And when you enroll her kid in day care, she’ll make friends. 🙂

  4. koreanish

    Oh. Definitely a list. Definitely!

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