we interrupt regular programming…

My sweet potato has a vagina

….to announce that my sweet potato has a vagina.

That’s all.


Filed under Funny Things

3 responses to “we interrupt regular programming…

  1. Either that or a creche for a very small Virgin of Guadalupe.

    But I really like the idea of it looking like a vagina. It’d make that particular sweet potato pie all the tastier.

  2. Nate

    From the looks of those lesions around it that’s not all she has!

    Tart potato?

    It’s all orange on the inside.

    …Is this thing on?

    • @John I like the image of a creche! Which of course makes me think that creches are actually vaginas in disguise. All the more symbolic for the Virgin Mary.

      @Nate: niiice. 😉

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