slowly but surely


I am getting some of my old life back. Mind you, not all of it, but some of it.

For one, I’m able to cook again. Mind you, not the way I used to cook (beef wellington, homemade cider doughnuts, etc), but some derivative of doing so. Easier, simpler, faster things. Stuff you might also be interested, as busy writers, in cooking. I’m posting some of my “Quick and Easy (Motherhood) Meals” up on my old food blog, Muffin Top. That way, if I want to look up a recipe, it’s archived for you and for me.

First up was baked french toast. And also stove lasagna.

Also, that counts as writing, right? 😉


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7 responses to “slowly but surely

  1. Andrew W.

    I was at a one year old’s birthday party on Saturday and asked a friend how things were going now that she has two kids. “The first takes 90% of your time. The second takes 90% of what’s left.”

    It makes me wonder why no one sells Children’s Gummy NyQuil.

  2. I made baked french toast yesterday. Yum. It all counts.

  3. I need to check out your quick and easy recipes. So tired of takeout Thai food. P looks adorable from behind and like she’s going to crawl any day now!

    • @Christina: I knowww–our children are wearing us down to a nub, so I decided that I just couldn’t take any more takeout food, and to *try* to eat in…! It is a big boost to morale, just like getting takeout is a boost if all you do is eat in. 😉 P is rolling around now.

  4. I will check out your recipes!

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